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Torch Group, Business Development, Executive SearchDecember 2017: The Business Development Executive – Strategic, Customer-Focused, & Driving Growth Through Sustained Action

The term business development is ambiguous.  Does it mean to “develop a business” by helping it define its marketing and product development strategies or does it mean to “develop business for a business” by increasing its sales, revenue, and profitability?  If the answer is all these things, as it in fact is, how does the Business Development executive go about making this happen?  The answer to this last question is multifaceted.



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September 2017: The Varying Challenges of Executive Search According to Your Business’s Ownership Model – Part 2: Family-Controlled Versus Publicly-Held Companies

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April 2017: Executive Search- Why “Same Old, Same Old” Isn’t Always The Best Bet

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January 2017: The Marketing Communications Executive’s Ever-Evolving Role in the Age of Digital Convergence, Business Transformation, and the Internet of Things

November 2016: What to Look for in Your Next CMO or Senior Marketing Leader

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