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Unlike any other search firm, our unique ability to fill your position stems from our combination of corporate communications search expertise, the expert use of passive candidate research, and our proven Signature Search Process TM , which utilizes competency and values-based behavioral interviews on all candidates submitted.

We already have a deep knowledge of the Corporate Communications discipline and functional responsibilities needed to be successful in an organization like yours; we also have an unmatched talent network, critical competency-based evaluation skills and we understand the impact that each hire has on your organization.

Along with the candidate’s résumé, we submit a written interview report that provides insights into each person’s potential fit in your organization, their strengths, career potential and developmental needs. As a result, our success and retention rates exceed industry averages. Torch Group guarantees that any candidate recommended will be a precise match, a cultural-fit, a long-term asset, contributor and leader. In short, recommended candidates are guaranteed to make a positive impact on your company.

Signature Search Process

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